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Madagascar / Sambava: Few clouds, 29 °C


27th August 2015


Dear Customer,


You’ll find below a brief report from our technicians, concerning the vanilla blooming observation in the bush of Sambava. 


At the beginning of August, few flowers appeared in the zone of Sambava, and we were optimistic.

However, for the last four weeks we observed a sunny but cold weather, with no rainfall, and the new flowers are sparse.


In the best scenario, this will delay the peak of flowering to early October. In the worst one, and if the weather doesn’t change, it will reduce the global blooming.


In any case, the short term impact of this delay in the flowering, is that none or really few quantities are sold by the farmers, and the uncertainty makes the prices up in the bush. During this period, another risk is that quality of wet vanilla, vaccum packed at farmers level, will decrease the final quality and also the yield that means instead of getting 1kilo of cured vanilla beans for 6kg of green; it may run to 7 or 8kg of green. Consequently, it may reduce the size crop to less than 1,000Mtons expected!


These observations have been made in the Sambava area, and our team is going to explore as soon as possible more areas to compare the behavior of the different plots.


We will update you of any development.



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